Cooking Directions

Cooking Warning

These are approximate cooking directions. Cooking times may vary. Please use an appropriate meat thermometer to bring meats to the temperatures indicated in the following chart.

The following chart is taken from the
Massachusetts Department of Health.

Temperature Meat
180 degrees F Whole Poultry
170 degrees F Poultry Breast, Well-Done Meats
165 degrees F Stuffing, Ground Poultry, Reheat Leftovers
160 degrees F Meats-Medium, Raw Eggs, Egg Dishes, Pork, and Ground Meats
145 degrees F Medium-Rare Beef Steaks, Roasts, Veal, Lamb
140 degrees F Hold Hot Foods
between 40 degrees F and 140 degrees F Danger Zone for Bacterial Growth
40 degrees F Refrigerator Temperatures
0 degrees F Freezer Temperatures
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